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Pest Control Officer
Denis Boyenko

Denis conducts site visits throughout the spring and summer months. If you believe you or a neighbour has a rat infestation, please contact Denis at 306-220-8996.

Rat poison is available at the RM Office for Ratepayers. If you come to the office for poison, we encourage you to bring a reusable bag of your own, as we no longer have plastic bags.

Weed Inspection Officer
Renny Grilz

Noxious Weeds:
The RM has a dedicated weed inspector to help control the spread of noxious weeds in the area. Please be on the lookout for some of these common species found in our area. Should you believe that any of these noxious plant species are present, please let the RM office know via email with attached pictures of the plant in question and we will arrange a visit from our inspector.

Wild Parsnip: wild parsnip
Be on the lookout for Wild Parsnip aka Poison Parsnip. While the roots are edible, the leaves can be very harmful to humans and pets. Wild parsnip is designated a noxious weed and resembles the appearance of dill plants. Wild parsnip produces a chemical in its sap and, if skin contact is made, can result in severe and painful second degree burns, blisters, or rashes. If the sap gets into the eyes, it has the potential to cause permanent blindness. Some cases of wild parsnip have been found in the ditches in the RM of Aberdeen. If found, please report the plant to the RM Office. Click here for more information on Wild Parsnip.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer
Mike Hulbert

Mike Hulbert served in the Canadian Armed Forces from 1984 until his retirement
in 2013. He is currently serving as an Auxiliary RCMP Officer in addition to serving
as Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the RMs of Aberdeen and Grant and the Towns of Vonda and Prud'homme.

To avoid a visit from the Bylaw Enforcement Officer and possible fines, please familiarize yourself with the RM’s Bylaws. Photocopies of the Bylaws may be prepared at $1 per page.

If you believe a Bylaw has been violated, please fill out the Bylaw Enforcement Complaint Form and submit to the RM Office.