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Overweight Permits

Overweight Permits can be issued by the RM of Aberdeen Office. Permits are vehicle specific and valid for one day. Different vehicles making the same trip all require their own permit. The same vehicle making the same trip over multiple days requires a new permit for each day.

Overweight Permit Form

Please note all relevant information, including: weight of truck, material/unit being hauled, license plate and location where the load is being hauled to.

Incomplete forms will be rejected.

Please ensure that adequate time is given for permits to be issued. Permit fees must be paid prior to the permit being issued.


Fees are as follows:
$50 for a single trip (per permit per day)
$100 for a single trip on a road subject to spring weight restrictions
$300 for an annual overweight permit


Please Note:
- Bettker Road has a 10 tonne limit
- Drews Road has a 10 tonne limit
- Old 27 Road has a 10 tonne limit

Map showing different roads in the RM