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Building Permits & Permits to Move

Building Permits
All structures built or moved in to the RM that are larger than 100 square feet require a Building Permit. House additions require permits regardless of their square footage. To apply for a Building Permit, the RM requires the application form be filled out correctly, a site plan, and a copy of the building plans. The building plans are to be emailed as a legible PDF to at the time of application. The site plan should show the distances of the building from the property lines, any existing structures or bodies of water, the location of the driveway, and if known, any utility lines that are on the property. All buildings built or moved must adhere to the municipal setbacks (from the Zoning Bylaw: minimum setback of 45 metres from the centre line of a municipal road allowance, grid road, main farm access road, or provincial highway). There is a $100 application fee for the building permit that is due at the time of the application.

Once the permit application, site plan, application fee, and building plans have been received by the municipality, the municipal staff will forward the application to their building officials, BuildTECH Inspections, so that they may complete a plan review to ensure the building plans meet the minimum Canadian Building Standards. The plan review can take up to 3 weeks to complete depending on BuildTECH's schedule and the time of year in which the application has been made.

Once BuildTECH Inspections has completed the plan review, the municipality will issue the building permit to the applicant. The permit will expire 12 months from the issue date on the permit. The building permit is not valid until it has been paid for. The municipal staff will contact the applicant to inform them of the cost for the permit. Permit fees are based on the estimated value of construction. BuildTECH Inspections have a set formula they use to calculate the estimated value of construction based on the average costs for materials and labour in the area. If the estimated value of construction submitted on the application is lower than that calculated by BuildTECH Inspection, they will set the estimate to match their calculations.

A copy of the Plan Review Report will be included with the permit. It will be the property owner’s responsibility to ensure the building is constructed to meet building codes and that all requirements set out in the Plan Review Report are met. The Plan Review Report will include an inspection schedule. The owner of the property will be responsible for contacting BuildTECH Inspections to book all necessary inspections and to ensure that all deficiencies reported in the inspections are completed prior to proceeding to the next step of construction.

*Please note that all plumbing and sewage work will require a permit from the Saskatchewan Health Authority. Please Click Here for more information.

*All electrical work will require a permit from SaskPower. Please contact SaskPower for more information.

Required at time of application:
- Completed Building Permit Application Form
- Site Plan
- Building Plans (example set of House Drawings)
- $100 Building Permit Application Fee
- SaskHealth Sewage Permit Number (if relevant)
- Energy Efficiency Compliance Form (if relevant)
- Checklist (Decks, Detached Garages, Basements)

The fee for the Building Permit itself is calculated upon approval from BuildTECH, and must be paid before the permit is issued.

Building Permit Fee Schedule
Residential:  $140 plus $3.70 / $1,000 Value of Construction
With minimum fees as indicated:      

Deck / Detached Garage Minimum Fee: $265
Basement Development / Small Addition to Dwelling Minimum Fee: $290
Single Family Dwellings / Large Additions to Dwelling Minimum Fee: $390

Commercial / Industrial: Value of Construction Fee / $1,000 value of construction
$0 to $5,000,000                    $3.70/$1,000 with a minimum fee of $300
$5,000,001 to $10,000,000      $18,500 plus $3/$1000 of the valuation over $5,000,000
Over $10,000,000                   $33,500 plus $2/$1000 of the valuation over 10,000,000


Permit To Move a Building
All buildings being moved in or out of the RM require a Permit to Move a Building. The fee for the permit is $100 and is due at the time of the application.

We require a $1000 road deposit to be paid at the time of application. The deposit may be returned to the applicant after the Council Meeting that most closely follows the move date, if, upon inspection, the foreman has deemed that there is no damage or alterations to municipal property as a result of the move. If damage does occur as a result of the move, the municipality will keep the deposit to put towards the cost of repairs. If costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the difference will be billed to the owner of the property to/from which the building was moved.

Finally, a $5000 building move-in deposit is required. This deposit is returned after the Council Meeting that most closely follows completion of the final inspection through BuildTECH.

For a building being moved out of the RM, we require the application form for a Permit to Move a Building be filled out correctly and all fees be paid prior to the building being moved. Applicant will need to contact the RM office immediately after the building has been moved so that the foreman may conduct an inspection.

For a non-RTM building being moved in, the building will require a Pre-Move Inspection done by BuildTECH Inspections to ensure the structure is sound. A copy of the Pre-Move Inspection Report, the completed application form, building plans for the foundation/renovations if any, all required fees, and pictures of the building are required for the application to move in a building. The application and all supplementary documents will be submitted to the RM Council for approval at the next regularly scheduled Council Meeting. Approval from the RM Council must be received prior to a building permit being issued. We suggest applying for the Permit to Move a Building a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the expected start date for the construction of the foundation to allow time for the approval process of the Permit to Move and the Building Permit.

Required at time of application:
- Completed Permit to Move a Building
- $100 Application Fee
- $1000 Road Damage Deposit
- $5000 Building Move-in Deposit
- Building Permit Application (application form, $100 application fee, site plan, SaskHealth Sewage Permit Number, Energy Efficiency Compliance Form, building plans)